Thanks so much for responding to the text message I just sent you. I know that your time is very valuable, so I am going to be as concise as possible.

What I’m asking you to do here is critical to the campaign. Please do what you can of the action items, any assistance is deeply appreciated.

California Libertarian Party deadline Nov 16th!

Punk Concert in Huntington Beach Nov. 15th

Re-post to Social Media.

Update your information with the Campaign.

Donate – Thank You for your generosity!

Opt out – if we are not serving you, we are sad to see you go.

November 16th is the deadline to be a member of the California State Libertarian Party, in order to be selected as a delegate to the national convention at the state convention. I am asking that you consider, becoming a member and here is why this is so vitally important.

The California Libertarian Party is important, because it has over 100 delegate slots and you do not need to reside in the state in order to be a delegate from California to the National Convention in Austin, TX next May (where delegates will choose the Party’s Presidential nominee). All you have to do is be a member of the California Libertarian Party at least 90 days before their convention!

And all you have to do to become a member is sign up at CA.LP.org for the low, low price of 25 Federal Reserve Notes! You probably won’t even need to attend the state convention…

If you want to be a delegate, but are worried that your state will be too competitive to get a slot as a delegate, this is your best option. Once you sign up, send an email to [email protected] and Elijah will square you away.

I highly recommend attending the convention. It’s always a great time to hang out with like minded people and exchange ideas. I am a lifetime member of the California LP and will likely be attending the National Convention as a delegate from California. Who knows, we might even get to sit next to each other at the convention!

I’m actually in California, RIGHT NOW!

We have an awesome FUN Raiser happening in Huntington Beach, Friday. I’ll have a custom prize for the person who brings the most people with them and the person who travels the furthest to get there!

We’re going to Make Punk Punk Again!

Looking forward to seeing YOU there!

California Kokesh fun

Fun Raiser Huntington Beach Adam Kokesh

We can use whatever assistance you are willing to offer to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Steemit and YouTube Likeing, Reposting, and retweeting, I know you know what to do! Obviously the main stream media isn’t going to give us any credibility, so we have to demand that our voices be heard online, where we only have to fight shadow-banning. Check out the links and do what you are able to help.

It would also be valueable to us that you could update your information on our files. This way we are able to coordinate with those who want to help out in this election. You can even choose to opt out of course.

Finally, we sure can use any financial assistance that you are able to provide. I run around the country promoting the message of liberty and that costs money to do so, from buying media and gas to get me to all these great rallys where I get to meet YOU! Even this text mesage we sent out cost $94. I would really love it someone would step up to the plate to make a donation that we can cover the cost of this communication. Thank you.


Adam Kokesh



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